It all officially started in 2014 when pro-Russian separatists detached Donbass from Ukraine. A military regiment called Azov was created in the eastern part of Ukraine by civilians. Most of them with roots in ultra-nationalism. 

Today the battalion is full of young boys who feel compelled to fight for their country as their national identity suddenly has been threatened by the separatists. But not all have told their families what they actually are doing there. 

Azov soldiers has a split reputation. On one hand as freedom fighters. On the other as neo-Nazis.

To the boys it’s a personal conflict which they cannot watch from the sideline. Now there is a reason to rebel against the system and they seized this opportunity. For them nationalism and patriotism means the same. The conflict is a way to fight for an ideology they believe can ensure their future as well as genuine Ukrainian interests that weaken Russian influence.

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